Another year at Native English

It seems that summer is never going to end, but here at Native English we’re getting ready for the start of our 15th year!
It’s been a summer of changes but things will be pretty much the same as usual in the school.

As usual, we have groups on all levels from A1 Elementary up to C2 Proficiency.

As usual, we are the only school in Poznań to have only internationally qualified teachers (CELTA, DELTA).

As usual, they’ll be preparing useful and fun lessons.

As usual, people studying in exam groups will have a chance to do a free mock exam to find out when they’ll be ready to take and pass their exam.

If you’re interested in studying natural English in a native environment, contact us to arrange a test.

We start classes on Monday 3rd October.

August 30th 2016

is a small and friendly language school.

We teach our learners 
the kind of English

as it is spoken by native speakers.

Native English is a school which puts great effort into treating learners as individuals. The school was set up in 2002 as the only school in Poznań employing teachers with an international teaching qualification, primarily experienced native speakers, making Native English  unique among Poznań’s language schools.

The ethos of the school is to teach our learners the kind of English as it is spoken by native speakers by giving them the opportunity to use English in real-life contact with native speakers.

Native English teachers try to prepare lessons that are methodogically-principled, interesting  and fun.

Qualified and experienced native speakers teach all levels from Elementary (A1) up to Proficiency (C2). We also specialise in preparing candidates for Cambridge English examinations and every year we help our students achieve good marks.

Many of our teachers also work as speaking examiners
for Cambridge English (KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE, BEC, YLE).

Not only do students at Native English have contact with natural English during their lessons, they also have opportunities to their English outside class, at social evenings and through our blog.


Pronunciation experiment

Here’s an experiment you can do.

You may have seen this guide for Polish train station announcers.

CryD-KIXgAAr1Tl pronunciaton for train announcers

1: With a friend, find a busy street to stand on/ another noisy place
2: Open this text on your phone.
3: Ask your friend to stand about 5 metres away and tell them to listen for information.
4: Read it out aloud. Be careful to make your voice unclear, e.g. speak down your nose, put your hand over your mouth.
5: Check your friend’s understanding. If s/he does not understand, send your letter of application to Polish State Railways – you’ve got a long career ahead of you!

September 13th 2016