Translation & text perfection

Native English also provides the following services:

Proofreading of research papers

If you are an academic writing research papers for English journals, you need to be sure your texts are at the level required for publication. We can help ensure that  your texts meet the linguistic standard demanded by leading journals.


The translation of texts from Polish into English. The texts could be of any type, e.g. Academic, CVs, Letters, Work-related documentation. The benefit of this service is that the texts would not only be carefully translated into appropriate and natural English, they would also be automatically proofread and error-free. The price for a translation includes proofreading by a native speaker.

Proofreading and Text Perfection

The teachers at Native English are experienced proofreaders and can competently check texts of any degree of complexity to ensure that they are accurate, that they contain appropriate language with regard to the specific text-type, and that they read naturally. We can also check your English translation against the Polish original to make sure the meaning is the same.

Proofreading of other texts

If you have written a letter of application or a CV and you want it thoroughly checked and improved in terms of format and language, then Native English teachers can provide this service quickly and efficiently.

The prices for the above services are set on an individual basis and depend on: the quality of the original texts; the length of the texts; and the amount of time that would need to be spent on each text.