Tips on Learning English

This is a list of ways you can improve your English. Of course not every tip will work for you – it will depend on your learning style. .

  • Learn at Native English.
  • Use a good online dictionary (e.g. Cambridge, Longman, Macmillan or Oxford).
  • Use a notebook to record words and phrases that come up in lessons and that you come across when doing homework.
  • Be consistent and systematic in your learning: try not to miss lessons, do your homework, revise vocabulary and test yourself at home.
  • Try to use English as much as possible, both in lessons and outside the classroom.
  • Pursue your interests in English – if you are interested in stamp collecting or dog training, then read about it in English.
  • Read English texts (newspapers, magazines, novels etc.).
  • Visit English language websites in addition to (or rather than) Polish language ones. For example, look at our links.
  • Read the news in Polish and then go to one of our links to read one of the stories again in English.
  • Watch English language television (BBC, CNN, NBC etc).
  • Listen to English language Internet radio.
  • Borrow dvds from our library – we always buy dvds with English subtitles.
  • If you have the chance to write to people in English – e.g. at work, an e-mail penpal, in chatrooms etc. – then do it.
  • Set yourself clear and realistic targets. For example, ‘This semester I’m going to focus in particular on my writing. I want to get better grades from my teacher.’
  • Remember that you will learn best when you are relaxed and enthusiastic: it’s very difficult to learn a language if you are tired, busy, stressed or under pressure to learn. You need to make time to learn and try to enjoy it as much as possible.
  • Marry an Australian.