Tourist Brochure for Sheffield, by Sabina


Earl Wilson (1907-1987) said : “If you look like your passport photo, in all probability you need the holiday “. I do. And I know exactly where to go. I have always dreamed about travelling to the most stunning, picturesque and magnificent city in the whole United Kingdom. London ? Edinburgh ? Scunthorpe ? No, no, no ! It’s SHEFFIELD- a city on the move !!!

There are excellent cultural and sports facilities in this hectic, international city. You may say of course that thousands of another towns in Britain have museums, swimming-pools, football-teams etc. So why is this jewel in a Yorkshire crown extraordinary for me? It’ s because of the steel, the best steel in the world.

I’m an iron-industry enthusiast, especially obsessed with stainless cutlery. Surrounded by Sheffield’s numerous steelworks, rolling mills and workshops I would be in seventh heaven .A whole local City Museum is devoted to cutlery ! There is the finest penknives collection on the show with blades or other tools for all occasions .(So if you thought the Swiss Army had all the ideas, think again!). It would be a paradise for such knife-junkie like me.

Sheffield is also famed for its Honorary Burghers. Two world-famous sons of the town are Sean Bean (women & maybe even some men heart-throb) and Sir Rob Pagett (revered by Poles ). Unfortunately, they have both moved from the city, but you can still visit places connected with them : the shop where Sean used to buy his cigarettes and the park in which Sir Pagett became a winner of “ The Annual Wooden Rat Competition’’ in 1977.

All in all, Sheffield is a beating heart of Britain’s industrial North. And only there you can go for the full monty…