Tourist brochure for Poznan (Stephen’s FCE1, 2004)



Poznań is situated in the west side of Poland. It’s one of the biggest cities in the country. It is already over 750 years old. During World War II it was in German hands and after the war it was destroyed.

If you are in Poznań you should visit the many museums and galleries which can be found in the city. You can’t miss the Old Town Square. A day in Poznań would not be complete without a shopping spree in. This could be followed by a delicious meal in one of the wonderful restaurants. After a good meal it’s time for a walk around Lake Malta. The ideal way to finish this day is to go to a pub for a beer (or 6).


The most beautiful view in Poznań is that of Lake Malta. When you are there you can take delight in the atmosphere: children playing and laughing, people smiling, Poznanians drinking buckets of Lech… Life is beautiful. The water is also the cleanest in Europe.

The second place that you must see in Poznań is Morasko. There you can experience nature at its best. This nature reserve is the home for lots of animals. You can take a walk or go cycling there.

In Poznań we have many wonderful sights and one of these is Lake Czaplińskie . It’s a good place for family trips and picnics.


Poznań is worth visiting not only because of its entertaining places, but also its beautiful and interesting museums and galleries, of which there is a huge amount.

One of the biggest and the most worthwhile museums in Poznań is the National Museum, which is located off the Old market. There are lots of exhibitions, which contain a variety of artists from different countries and ages.

What is more, there are many galleries in different parts of Poznań. Many of them are situated in the centre, so tourist can see a lot of them by just walking in this area. The most famous gallery is in the Poznan castle on Św. Marcin street. This gallery contains sculptures, photographs, pictures, posters, collages and sketches, and it’s really worth seeing. Many opening days for exhibitions are organised there and on these days the entrance is free. You can not only see artists’ work, but also meet interesting people and drink good wine with them or eat sweets. That’s why Poznan people like going there.


Poznań has a variety of shopping facilities. It depends what you are looking for, but you have a good chance of finding what ever you are looking for in Poznań. The most popular places for shopping are on Św. Marcin street, which has many exclusive shops and runs down to the Old Town.

Another place is Stary Browar, which is a very attractive both as an architectural treasure and a shopping centre. It has been built recently, which makes it even more interesting.

One of the modern shopping centres is Kupiec Poznański, which is located in the centre of Poznań, between historic buildings and modern architecture. It’s a popular place to meet with friends because of its good location.


Za Kulisami – A nice, not very big place nearby the Town Hall. Actually quite small, but very, very peaceful, cosy and relaxing. They play nice music, which is quiet enough to have a lovely chat. The menu consists of a lot thirst-quenching drinks which are highly recommended.

Czerwony Fortepian – It is a rather sophisticated restaurant with high prices. If you want to spend an extraordinary evening and impress your lady, then it’s an appropriate place. There is a rich and varied menu and relaxing music.

Sorella is located off the Stary Rynek. It’s a pizzeria with the best prossiutto in Poznań. The premises are divided into two floors – there are a lot of paintings on the walls. It’s really nice and cosy there. It’s quite popular, because it doesn’t cost much – the margarita costs 8.50 zł.

Stephen’s FCE1 group