The Secret of Youth Can Be Yours, by Kasia G – 2004

Vitality, cheerfulness, positive attitude to life, a peaches and crema complexion – all this can be yours! You will be vivacious – it’s easier than you think!

‘Mens sana in corpore sanp’ – “A healthy mind in a healthy body” – like the old Latin proverb says. Old but true. There is no health without well-being. And good health and well-being are the key to everlasting youth.

A well-matched and balanced diet are the basis. Eating a lot of fruit and vegetables gives you many vitamins, whereas candies and fast food are unhealthy and can lead to many problems like acne or obesity, which can cause an inferiority complex. And forget about cheerfulness, forget about youth!

Secondly, and undoubdedtly, sport can play a great role. The more active you are, the better for you. Riding a bicycle or even a usual walk with your dog can perform miracles! Your brain is oxygenated, your metabolism grows, there are more endoprphins in your blood and that will definitely make you feel better and younger.

Find yourself a hobby that will absorb you. Focus on the pleasure that it gives you, enjoy it and expend on it as much energy and free time as is possible. Don’t let yourself be bored!

Remember also that there is no success without positive thinking. Don’t be fed up with your defeats because nobody is perfect. Try to notice only the good sides of a situation and enjoy every small thing you’ve managed to do. Be optimistic! From time to time, indulge in small pleasures.

Lastly, every morning you wake up, repeat: What a wonderful life!