The Psychopath in all of us by Henry Tod

The Psychopath in all of us (Henry Tod)


Mankind is sick because it places wars on a pedestal and destroys other cultures for the primitive aim of growing rich, so each man as a part of all mankind is sick too.

From a the psychological point of view, man is born with a full range of instincts and behaviors. His childhood, development and environment he grows in are reasons which one will grow more.

So we have psychopathic traits in us from the beginning.

If we look at human being as the sum total of all our behaviors, the psychopathic as a denial of normality is needless point.

It’s only the mask we need to cover our real needs. The word “psychopath” has no negative meaning for me, it’s a normal state. It is in each of us, even in your grandmother.

If I have proved that the psychopathic is a normal, human state, only less visible, it can’t be an abnormal state at the same time. Not the word, but the definition of this word is wrong. We mix up meanings, because we want to hide the truth about us…

Genetic behaviourists state: that no genes which are responsible for pathologies exist.

Serial Killers have more or less the same genes as the rest of us.

If we have just a little of these “bad genes”, we’re psychopaths.

Sociologists say: because of the fact that humans are only mammals with the same organic, muscular, skeletal and nervous system as animals, so they also have the same instincts as animals.

Because other mammals are aggressive, and the early traces of human activity are proving that humans were violent towards other species, so all kinds of psychopathy or serial killing must have been genetically and naturally coded.

The Nobel Prize winner Konrad Lorenz says that aggression is not a response to external happenings, but the “internal energy” which was written in our genetic heritage.

Can you tell me who is holy? The one who exhibits and sells his advantages or the one who can perfectly hide his defects?

You can be everyone – it is your choice. You are God.

Henry Tod