Review of ‘Licence to Kill’, by Sabina

Everyone wants to be a superman and to make love to anything that walks (…).With a Bond movie , the guy in the audience pays his 3s 6d and buys a dream.’
Harry Saltzman

Goldeneye (1995)
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Reviewed by Sabina

True to the promise at the end credits of “License To Kill “, James Bond has returned! Directed by Martin Campbell, the film begins with an absolutely stunning teaser (a breathtaking bungee jump from an impossibly high dam). But does England still need 007-this “sexist, misogynistic dinosaur “ and “a relic of the Cold War”(as M describes him)? The answer is : YES. Bond again turns out to be the only one who can save the world and find GoldenEye- hijacked magnetic-pulse weapon that has been stolen by a Russian general.

The plot is rather conventional Bond material, but this is the strength of the film . It gives its audience what they have wanted (sexy chicks, an assortment of weaponry & gadgets, exotic locations, an evil villain and plenty of action). However, there are some surprises. M is a woman (brilliant Judy Dench), Samantha Bond plays Moneypenny and of course Pierce Brosnan makes his debut as the new 007. The villain is acted by rugged & sexy , Sheffield-born actor Sean Bean. His henchwoman is the sadistic Xenia Onatopp (Famke Janssen) with really powerful thighs. The other new Bond girl is Natalya- played by wooden and amateurish Izabella Scorupco . A word of advice: turn the sound off when she speaks – her bass voice is really irritating. But the rest of the film is stunning – dialogue is witty , action scenes nail-biting, gorgeous Pierce Brosnan is in a role he was born to play and nobody does it better.

All in all , GoldenEye is a must-see film for every Bond-maniac. 007 has shaken & stirred us again !