Everyone Has Dreams – It’s Just That Not Everyone Can Make Them Come True
by Ewa Klops, 2004) 

For Many Centuries people wanted different things. At the beginning, their object of desire was a dry cave, then a brand new car, finally a multi-function mobile phone. But nowadays many of us also dream about a successful life, a happy family, or just that our mother-in-law would stop complaining for a second…

If you want to know the truth, all these things are possible: you just have to be patient, determined and know exactly what you want to achieve.

“Yeah, yeah, I know it’s hard to try to do something instead of lying in front of the TV for hours waiting for something to happen without our help,” says the psychologist from the CDC*, “however, to tell you the truth, it’s like waiting for a miracle to happen!”

And have you ever had the feeling that you wanted to do something very much, but you just couldn’t because of some kind of fear? I’m sure you have. So try to overcome it! Nothing will happen if you don’t ask her to go out with you. And after a few days you will even be proud of yourself for having had the courage to ask her out. Unbelievable? Try it!

Hey! If you started reading this article because you wanted to literally “reach for the stars” (touch them) Don’t worry, we can help you anyway.

1. Buy plastic stars in Tesco (or Hypernova, or wherever) and stitch them on the ceiling of your room.

2. Go to the Oscar Academy, beat the security and touch your favourite actor.


*CDC – Carpe Diem Centre