Pub Reviews CAE 2005

Pub Reviews (Stephen’s CAE2 2005)

“Kafe KafKa” 

We won’t beat about the bush: this is the place in Poznan where you can indulge in a delicious coffee. It has a specific, artistic atmosphere owing to the sepia pictures of film stars, intimate lighting and cosy interior design. What’s unforgettable is the famous warm apple pie with ice-cream that you can experience there – a delight to the palate.

“Opera House” 

We won’t beat about the bush here either. It’s crap – don’t go there! Never ever. Well, only if you like extreme feelings, like being punched by utterly stoned fatnecks. Sweet blondies, all looking the same, shaking their bottoms, make you feel stupid, fat and unattractive, and completely out of your depth.

Kasia & Beata

“Six Dark” 

Hot sixteen-year olds in their high-heeled shoes and crowds of ‘cool’ solarium-tanned guys in tracksuits. The most horrible music that you can imagine attacks from the door. The only advantage of this place is the view from the large window of ‘okrkaglak’, which unfortunately, after a few hours of dancing, are completely steamed up.

“Drugi Dom” 

An originally designed pub, five rooms on three floors of a tenement. Each room has its own, unique atmosphere. This is a great place to talk with friends and play some pool or darts. It’s not a place where you can meet crowds of drunken students dancing and shouting in clouds of smoke. If you go there, you won’t regret it. The name is really good – it could become your ‘second home’.

Basia & Asia

“Weranda Cafe” 

If you are a connoisseur of good coffee and delicious desserts, Weranda Cafe would be a good choice for you. The ingenious and well-designed interior, as well as the nice service, will make you visit this place again and again. But, undoubtedly, the strongest point of this cafe is the great variety of scrumptious sweets.


In spite of being well-situated, in Roosevelta Street, it’s not worth visiting. The decoration is not imaginative and the atmosphere is rather unfriendly. If you want to stay in good health, don’t drink anything. Talking to strangers in there is also not recommended.

Monika & Agnieszka