Pub Reviews CAE 2005

Pub Reviews (Stephen’s CAE1 2005)


It’s a nice, cosy café good for romantic chats, but that’s not all! You can drop in to have a coffee and a delicious cake, listening to chilled out music. Sitting there and looking at the original paintings, you can get the impression that time has stopped. Excellent for everyone seeking a peaceful and enjoyable afternoon. (Agnieszka & Kasia C.)


Don’t be fooled by the attractive name of this pub – it’s anything but cute. On the amazing surface of 10m² you will have extraordinary experiences with sweaty boys and stinky girls. And don’t dare think about finding a place to sit down – armchairs occupied by snogging couples and laughing fatnecks are the true advertisement of this place. Howewer, if you’re waiting for an extreme experience, don’t hesitate – CUTE is waiting. (Daria & Ewa)


It’s a place you can easily get used to because of its unique atmosphere caused by the very romantic music played neither too loudly nor too quietly. From time to time you may have an opportunity to listen to live piano. The varied menu would satisfy even the most sophisticated tastes. (Agnieszka & Marta)


Not recommended. It’s a shabby-looking and disgusting place overcrowded with tracksuit boys wearing white gloves. Neither the music, which is an odd mix of techno and hip hop, nor the nondescript decor will attract you, so no wonder that you can only meet people from Wilda and Jeżyce there. (Kasia G and Anna N – the Poznan snobs)