Poznan Travel Texts (March 2014)

Palm House by Agata, Paulina


What makes Poznań really stand out from the crowd is its Palm House. It lies only 5 minutes’ walk from the Railway Station. Walking through the exotic plants, you can find yourself in a jungle or desert. One thing children should see is the aquarium room with its colourful and endless variety of fish. It’s a great place for visitors to rest and enjoy themselves.

The Old Brewery Maria, by Marta, Maria


One thing all visitors to Poznań should see is the most beautiful city centre in Europe – the Old Brewery. There is a variety of activities you can do there. During the summer season there’s a possibility to enjoy the nature and wonderful architecture. You might take part in several workshops, like yoga classes. What makes Stary Browar really stand out from the crowd is the precious fence. All you need for a great family day out is to be found at the cinema.

One of Poznań’s Forts, by Adam, Ania


No trip to Poznań would be complete without visiting the perfect place to chill out with your friends. Despite its quite central location, the place is very tranquil and leafy, thus you can relax admiring the
smell of roses. Although it is a calm area, it hides World War secrets which are also worth exploring.

Matejki Street by Asia, Tobiasz


No trip to Poznań would be complete without visiting the invigorating Matejki Street. Walking through this breathtaking street can evoke admiration of its splendid architecture. The tourists should focus on the art nouveau style embodied in the tenement houses. That is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the spirit of the past.

Old Brewery by Dagmara, Filip


There’s no place like the Old Brewery in Poznań. If you want to relax, do some shopping and commune with art, it’s a unique place with endless variety. You can go to the park next to it, which is an idyllic spot for a picnic for you and your family. If you are a fan of 19th-century architecture, you can admire this magnificent building, which was first designed as a real brewery and later redesigned as a centre of art, entertainment and shopping.

Old Market Square, by Karolina, Karolina


What makes Poznań really unique is the Old Market Square, which is the heart of the city. All you need to spend a wonderful day is to visit that place. One thing all visitors should see are the goats, which are the symbol of Poznań. Everyone should walk through the bustle and bustle of the Old Market’s narrow streets, where you can find cosy, friendly cafes and restaurants to eat traditional and regional food, for example, duck with pyzy dumplings. The Old Market Square represents the atmosphere of Poznań.

The goats again by Julia, Ewelina


No trip to Poznań would be complete without seeing the goats. Located on the Old Market square, goats attract many tourists at noon. It’s mechanism is very unique on the world scale. When the clock strikes 12, the goats clash heads together, which arouses the enthusiasm among children and adults of all generations.