Poznan (Stephen’s Pre-Intermediate 2005)

Poznań is a beautiful and fascinating city in the west of Poland. The buildings are very attractive, they are mostly beautiful, for example: castle, church, town hall. The city centre is lovely and clean. The public transport is efficient: the trams are cheap and are usually punctual. There’s a lot to do in Poznań. The pubs and nightclubs are full of students, they are friendly, so the local people go to the pubs. There are three big, comfortable cinemas. Lake Malta and Cytadela are good places for a walk.
The people of Poznań look great and are very friendly – they smile often. Poznań people are thrifty. The weather in spring and summer is beautiful, sunny, and the sky is blue.
The best thing is the food. There are many traditional dishes.

by Ania & Kasia

The buildings are a mixture of old historical and modern buildings. The city centre is very clean and we have a few parks (e.g. the botanical gardens). If you wear a white shirt here, it will be white all the day.
The public transport is useful and convenient too: the trams are avery cheap and never late. We can also travel by bus.
In Poznań there is a lot of entertainment: a 3D cinema, a lot of pubs, restaurants and clubs. The cinemas are very comfortable and cheap. Lake Malta is also a ski-centre and is a place where there are boat competitions.
Poznań people are outgoing, very friendly and talkative. They are also generous – they like going shopping.
The weather is fabulous in summer – very sunny.
The restaurants offer very delicious food which tastes fantastic.

by Ela & Piotr

Poznań is a beautiful and fascinating city. There are lots of historical monuments, buildings and churches like Fara. The centre of Poznań is clean. There are a lot of pubs and restaurants and the meals are very good quality.
The public transport is punctual.
There’s a lot to do in the evening. Besides pubs and restaurants, you can go to Lake Malta, to fitness clubs or to the forest. The people in Poznań are friendly and sociable, and they smile all the time. The weather is beautiful – it is often sunny.
Many restaurants offer a different kind of food from Mac Donald’s food.
by Adriana & Karolina

Poznań is a beautiful and fascinating city in the West of Poland. The buildings are very attractive: they are mostly modern blocks or they are beautiful red brick buildings like ‘Stary Browar’. The city centre is really clean and very popular. If you wear a grey and dirty shirt it will be white by the end of the day. There is a lot to do in Poznań. There are a lot of pubs, clubnights and discos. The people of Poznań are very kind and friendly. In summer in Poznań there is a lot of sunshine and a lot of flowers and green spaces. There are a lot of local natural lakes, e.g. Strzeszynek, Rusałka, Kiekrz… Poznań people are very cheerful.

by Krzysztof & Angelika