Poznan, by FCE1, 2006



Poznan is situated in the north-western part of Poland. It’s a big city with 700,000 residents. It’s very famous because of Adam Mickiewicz University and the University of Economics, which are well-known in Europe. Many people come to Poznan to study and work due to the fact that it’s a city of opportunity. It also has an interesting community. It’s famous for its International Trade Fair, Lake Malta and its Old Market. (by Patrycja & Gosia)

Commerce & Culture

Poznan is a business city because of the Poznan International Trade Fair – one of the most famous in Europe. There are many shopping malls, in which whole families spend their free time. There is The Great Theatre, in which you can find impressive operas, ballets and other performances. In The New Theatre you can see modern performances starring many popular actors who are famous for their roles in soap operas. In the centre of the city, on Św. Marcin Street there is a huge castle from the 17th century. This castle is one of the biggest cultural places because there are concerts, exhibitions, a cinema which shows old movies and many artistic events. Every summer begins with the Malta Street Theatre Festival, which takes place at Lake Malta. (by Kasia & Ula)

Sport & Leisure

When it comes to sport and leisure, there are many places to relax and spend your time in an active way. You can visit Lake Malta, where you can ski on an artificial slope, take a ride on a fun toboggan, play mini-golf, go to the zoo, or chill out in one of the many cafes in the open air. If you like more extreme sports you can go to Dynamix, which has a climbing wall. If you like peace and quiet, you can take a walk in the biggest park in Europe – Cytadela. (by Marta & Tom)

Places to Eat

If you are hungry you can find a lot of nice places to eat in Poznan, especially around the Old Market. One of the most popular places is an Italian restaurant called Sorella. The chef recommends the pasta with broccoli and a nice cold beer. The other well-known restaurants are Sioux and Sphinx, which have unique interiors. The former is done in the style of the Wild Wild West and the latter is Egyptian. You can go there with your friends or family and eat something delicious while having good fun. (by Marta & Piotr)


There are many places that are worth seeing in Poznan. There is a particular side of the city that makes it really special – it’s nightlife. There are many pubs, especially around the market place. Here you can relax , dance, drink and sing for as long as you want, or meet interesting people and fill your evenings with fascinating discussions, although the prices can be surprisingly high. Some pubs have huge screens, which means you can watch football matches together with your friends and a pint of beer. (by Kuba & Arek)