My Secret Ambition, by Agnieszka W, 2006

Do I have any secret ambition?

My secret ambition! If I tell you about this, it will not be a “secret” any more. Deep in my heart I feel I desperately need to become fluent in English, both in speaking and writing. It might be surprising that my aim isn’t so sophisticated and highflying as a secret ambition should be.

I hope, to became an excellent English speaker, there is no need to be born and brought up in England or another English-speaking country. It just takes some time and a lot of efforts – which seems to be obvious if you want to achieve something. But how to do it in easy and pleasant way?

It is helpful having a nice and charismatic teacher who can infect you with his own fondness for this language. But it isn’t a key to the success. Good results require a great deal of your own hard work and self discipline, specially if we are still suffering from a “lack of time” in our daily life – which is full of other necessary and urgent obligations.

A vision of huge future possibilities is always motivating. When in my dreams I see myself reading Shakespeare’s outstanding masterpieces, it really helps. However, having such a high-level goal, which seems to be very difficult to achieve, it is easy to give up and doubt in your own abilities.

Learning in a group with couple of genial people gives reason to increase their efforts. because no one likes to be at the bottom of the class, as this is extremely discouraging!

I know Rome was not built in a day and I am sure step by step I will be able to achieve my secret ambition in a harmless and smooth way.