Male or Female Hairdressers, by Monika & Tomek, 2004

Dilemmas of the well-off Westerners: male or female hairdresser? 

Some might say that in the face of the thorny problems troubling the world this particular dilemma is a trifling matter, but let’s not deceive ourselves – we are living in superficial times and the question of whom to entrust with one’s mane is definitely not a petty one, especially in case of women as our heads give particularly much room for manoeuvre. So, who is better suited to the job? Judging from my friends (both men and women) and relatives’ opinions as well as from my personal experience the answer is: men.

The main reason for this assertion is that male hairdressers are not merely skilful craftsmen but virtuosos of scissors and comb. They prove their artistry and finesse at numerous hairdressing contests where men account for the overwhelming majority of competitors and, correspondingly, winners. Similarly, hairdressers responsible for the hairdos of fashion models and actors are nearly always men. Remember the haircut of Mia Farrow in “Rosemary’s Baby”?? The man behind this seemingly simple coiffure was the famous Vidal Sassoon, who raked in a few thousand dollars for the cut. Well, as money is what really matters nowadays, it must have been worth this unbelievable sum.

Fortunately, we lesser mortals can also have our hair cut by a professional and for a reasonable price. And, as I have already mentioned, profs in the ordinary world are also male. For example, last year, when I was wondering what to do with that horrible mop on my head, a friend of mine recommended her hairdresser who turned it into a nice short haircut with an asymmetrical fringe. While he was dealing with my hair, his fellow worker, a woman, kept asking me why I wanted to get rid of my tresses. I explained that I was fed up with long plain bland hair, a poor excuse for a hairdo, but she wouldn’t listen. Female hairdressers often lack imagination and proficiency. There are, of course, exceptions but they only prove the rule.

It might be an unpalatable truth for feminists, but it seems that men simply better understand women’s needs. And it is not only about hairdressers, but also fashion designers – the best ones are men. Can you imagine wearing an outfit from Vivienne Westwood’s collection?!

+ (Monika)

Every time I begin to see the world through the shade of my fringe and friends start to gaze at me in this certain way, I know exactly that it is high time I smartened up and had a haircut. It seems really simple but it is not.

Although more important issues than changing a haircut underline our lives I still think that it is a significant matter that exerts powerful influence on our life within the period of two cuts.

From the men’s point of view visiting a hairdresser is not exactly the most pleasurable and delightful thing to do. Apart from being neat and well-groomed we (at least I) do not feel the urge to be beautiful. Maybe that is the reason why I do not really like to go there.

In many cases having your hair cut is connected with facing a choice of hairstyle and the professional that will perform the cut. It is a well known fact that more often we choose the opposite sex to deal with our hair. While the high opinion held on men hairdressers skills is valid, in my (humble) opinion they are odd. If I was to choose I would definitely seat in front of a mirror having nearby a lady cutting my hair. Maybe it is a prejudice but I am not convinced by men hairdressers’ attitude towards clients. Once I’ve had a haircut performed by man and I found him a weirdo. He kept proposing me various hairstyles, longer fringe and partings. He wouldn’t listen that I only wanted to have my hair shortened my a bit. Woman hair dressers are more concrete. I can always expect a firm action with no deliberation on other possibilities. On the other hand if you ask for advice you get a prompt answer. Maybe men hairdressers are deemed the best professionals, who are well—paid and internationally famous and recognized stars. Regardless of their fame, in this field I support women. I prefer to visit “pani Małgosia”? and entrust to her skills.

The second option, if you don’t care, is to shave your head at home with an electric machine and just enjoy your bold head..

To attract men to hairdressers, last year a new one was opened in the Ratajczaka Street in Poznan. The employees are only young attractive women, who cut only men, being dressed in stockings and sexy underwear. I HAVE NEVER BEEN THERE, but apparently the demand is so heavy that it is difficult to satisfy it

> (Tomek)

I went to extraordinary lengths to google a picture of male hairdresser and I failed. You can try on your own but don’t do it if children are nearby. WHY?