Magic’s magic Holiday

Magic’s magic Holiday (Magic, from Sweet Noise)

This is a story about one of my escapes from civilisation!

In 2001, after the show at “Woodstock” (Zary) I went to the seaside by bike. For five nights I was sleeping on the beach and in the forest. I had a tent but I didn’t put it up because the weather was very good.

While I was having a rest after a long ride between Rowy and Leba, a little dog came from the sand dune . This dog spent two days with me. He slept with me and ate with me. There were no towns and holiday resorts in this area. These two days was a great rest for my mind, when I talked only with the dog. I talked with him about everything and he behaved as if understood what I said.

When I came back to civilisation I didn’t feel good among people. When I passed the first sunbathers they looked in surprise at me, and I felt they were discontented with my appearance. A dog knew how to listen me, people only want to talk! Sometimes I prefer conversation with animals.