Living in Poznan – FCE2 2003

Living in Poznan – FCE2 2003
 (Iza, Ewa, Kasia k, Jan, Mateusz, Kuba, Asia, Kasi the Great, Agnieszka, Asia W. & Weronika – FCE2 2003)

The Couple – Mr & Mrs Krawczyk 

We are just ordinary people and we live in one of the biggest housing estates in Poznan. We are proud of our bustling and cosmopolitan city. Every day we have to work hard to help our children’s education and to pay the bills. But at the weekend we can really rest!
In Poznan you can find a lot of different kinds of entertainment. There are many leisure centres where people can spend their free time in a pleasant way. Because of the many pubs, discos and restaurants near the welcoming Old Market, you could have the feeling that the city never sleeps, and that Poznanians don’t sleep either.
There is also an International Trade Fair Centre in Poznan, and that’s why there are so many tourists and foreigners, who are impressed by our beautiful city.

Mr Kulczyk 

Living in Poznan is a great chance given by life. I was born here and since then a lot has changed. Life is getting more and more hectic, and it is getting more difficult to get a job. I’m trying to change this situation by making investments in Poznan. It’s easy to cooperate with the local government because Poznanians are very out-going and friendly.
Poznan is very bustling at night. A lot of events take place here. I like to organize them and take part in them. I try to make sure that they are peaceful, but it is not always possible because of the fatneck tracksuit boys who are very noisy and do not always behave well.
On the whole, Poznan is a place where I like to live and work. You are not truly Polish if you do not visit my latest enterprise, the “Stary Browar”. See you there (and don’t forget to bring your credit cards!)

Ticket Inspector 

Living in Poznan as a ticket inspector is quite interesting. Our shabby public transport system is not a very good place to work in because I have to elbow my way through crowds of people all the time. However, people are always glad to see me when I say “Bilety do kontroli!”.
It is frightening that many people don’t put their tickets in the ticket machine, but I’m happy because I earn more money!
On the other hand, I have a lot of hard work to do and when I’m not making people happy by checking their tickets I do a second job: I work as a bus driver. I hate this job because there is so much traffic in the city.
I think that living in Poznan is the best thing in my life and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. I especially like the pollution!


– What smells so bad?
– Oh it’s just me! Okay?! A usual day in my life? What kind of question is that?!
… Well, I wake up in a shabby train station in my smelly box number 2. Then I go for a piss in the stunning, gorgeous public toilet. I wash my eyes and start my day with a glass of refreshing vodka.
In the dust and dirt I can find a wide range of sophisticated food.
I spend the rest of the day with exhilarating winos drinking vodka or denaturat.
If you’re wondering how I get the money to afford my vodka, the answer is simple: I sell my body. There are some people whose sexual preference is for smelly winos.
I find Poznan train station to be the most beautiful, vibrant place in the world.

Fatneck Tracksuit Boy 

K****! I live in Poznan and I’m glad of it, K****!Jezyce is my district and I love it. It’s zajebisty K****, We have a lot of doorways where we can drink beer and hide after stealing something, K****! Stealing radios from cars is our hobby, and also we love to attack people on the streets. It’s very exciting when they are really scared and frightened, K****! Thank God the police in our city never come on time and we can do what we want to do.
I spend my money at Bema market, K****!, where I can buy new tracksuits and trainers. In the evenings I spend my time body-building in the gym with my friends. At the weekend I go to Manieczki to take some coke.
As you can see k****, I’m a ladykiller and they love my original appearance, my muscles, my suntan and my sense of humour. I’m zajebisty! K****!