Little Red Riding Hood – the characters speak for themselves

Little Red Riding Hood – the characters speak for themselves (Stephen’s FCE4 2002 (Jaga, Magda, Justyna, Kuba, Dorota & Agata)

The Grandmother’s Version

Once upon a time, I was lying in bed because I was ill, when I heard a knocking on the door. I thought that it was my granddaughter, so I said to her “Come on, Come in!” After that I saw a wolf which jumped at me and ate me.
I was in his stomach. I felt terrible, but after some time Little Red Riding Hood was inside too. For quite a long time we were together in the wolf’s stinky stomach. After a few hours the woodcutter came and helped us. He cut the wolf’s belly open and we were free.

The Woodcutter’s Version

It was a beautiful day. I was walking through the forest and suddenly I saw a big, ugly wolf. Little Red Riding Hood was walking a little bit behind him. It looked very suspicious to me so I decided to follow them. He went into the grandmother’s house. A few minutes later Little Red Riding Hood did the same. I started to get worried about Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother, so I took my gun and got into the house. There I saw the wolf with a big belly. I heard strange voices coming from the wolf’s stomach, so I cut it open. I helped Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother to get out. Then I put stones inside the wolf’s stomach and sewed it back up again. This was the best way to kill the wolf, I think.

The Wolf’s Version

One day I was walking in the forest, looking for some food. I met Little Red Riding Hood when she was going to her grandmother with her basket – inside which were some cake, some wine and some fruits. I asked her where her grandmother lived and she told me that her grandmother had a small house in the forest.

So I went there, I knocked on the door, came in and ate her grandmother. Then I put her clothes on (I’m not a transsexual, I just thought it would be a good idea). I laid down in the grandmother’s bed and waited for Little Red Riding Hood.
At last she came. She had a good look at me and then asked me some questions: Why have I got such big ears? Why have I got such big eyes? Why have I got such big teeth? So I answered her: “All the better to eat you with!!!” So I ate her (she tasted much better then her skinny old grandmother) and slept.