Letters to Alex (a stalker) (Stephen’s FCE2 2005)

Letters to Alex (a stalker) (Stephen’s FCE2 2005)


I think we have misunderstood each other. I don’t want to lie to you, so I’m going to tell you the truth.

I wish I could turn back tome, but I can’t. So… I made a bet with my friend. It was just for fun. He told me that if I went out with you, he would take me for a weekend trip.

I don’t like you, I don’t like your stamp collection either! I’ve had enough of your letters and calls. I wish you would leave this town. And your dance is not ‘original’. remember, when a girl says this it is not good for you. I wish you hadn’t got that tattoo – it was so stupid! You don’t know me and I don’t know you! And I don’t want to know you better.

I hope that someday you will fall in love with somebody, but please not with me!

Nadine (aka Jola & Karolina)

Dear Alex,

I’m surprised that you wrote to me, because I thought that everything has ended.

I’m sorry that I didn’t answer your calls and texts, but I had to move to another country. There were so many things to do that I didn’t have the time to meet you.

I wish I could put back the clock so that I never met you. I have to tell you something. There is another guy in my life. Our relationship has been happy for 4 years, so you have to understand that we couldn’t be together even if you liked.

So **** off and I hope you have a happy life with another person!

xxx Nadine (aka Asia & Kuba)

Hello Alex,

Your letters are as ‘original’ as your dance – I wish you would stop sending them. I’m really fed up with you!

I wish I hadn’t gone to that party. I shouldn’t have danced with you and, for god’s sake, I shouldn’t have seen your stamps!

Don’t you get it? I was trying to be nice…
I’ll tell you Alex, when a girl doesn’t reply to your letters it is don on purpose. Look at you! We’ll never be a couple and for sure I will never be your wife. So top staring at those rings!

Leave me alone!

Nadine (aka Marta & Gosia)

P.S. How could you get this tattoo? It’s offended me!


I was trying to be polite till this time, but I give up because I don’t have patience for you anymore.

I wish I hadn’t met you. You are the biggest ***hole I have ever met. You don’t know giving up means. I can’t stand your behaviour. I keep repeating: Leave me alone. I don’t find you attractive. Due to your behaviour I feel embarrassed. Stop calling me and writing to me.

I’ll give you some advice: change your clothes and glasses. Then it’s very probable you will find someone to love.

I am not looking forward to seeing you.

Nadine (aka Magda & Silwia)


I’ve just read your letter and I’m really shocked. It’s nice to read that I am very important for you. Unfortunately, I don’t feel the same way. When I see you, I don’t feel excited. I respect you for your braveness, but I have a boyfriend and we couldn’t be together. I wish you hadn’t fallen in love with me. Why did you get a tattoo? It would be difficult to scratch it off and it would hurt you! I am afraid of you! I wish you would go to a psychologist because the next few weeks will be stressful for you.

Nadine (aka Agnieszka & Maria)