Letter to Mr Fuddy Duddy, by Michał W, 2006

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing with reference to the article which appeared in The Daily Waffle magazine. To me the assessment of the living attitude of youths seemed too subjective and exaggerated; therefore I have decided to express my opinion and disagreement with some of the views included.
First of all, I must take issue with the statement that ‘the majority of today’s youth have completely lost touch with reality’. I cannot find any justification for such a view. I do admit the fact that more and more offences are being committed by young people, but it is reality that has mainly contributed to this. I strongly oppose to the amount of sex and violence presented in all kind of media, but they are not what we should put the whole blame on.

The importance of parents in the early life of every child is indescribable and they are the first to decide what types of programs, music etc. their little descendant is allowed to watch or listen to. Even despite their immensely tight daily schedule they are morally obliged to control the child’s entertainment. Having devoted certain time to the development of their kid, even despite improper contents in mass-media, parents will surely avoid bringing up an insensitive indifferent little monster with no respect to the others.

Furthermore, it certainly is not true that, contrary to previous generations, today’s teenagers are incapable of finding their own unique ways of expression. The opinion that only what was created 20-30 years ago is worth attention, while contemporary art only is a poor remake, is highly inappropriate. Do not forget that every generation draws on the legacy of the preceding ones even if it is in extreme contrast. Obviously, the generation gap nowadays is becoming more and more insurmountable but that is not a reason to undermine the new. In addition, passive consumption of money-orientated mass production I do agree is an issue, but extraordinary initiatives, unusual performances and events must be appreciated and given as noteworthy and commendable examples.

To conclude, I found the article partial and stereotypical as it describes only the negative side of contemporary young people without noticing the outstanding individuals. I cannot deny that some youths behave reprehensibly but I think we need to value what is exemplary and what gives hope for future.

Yours faithfully,
Michał W