Letter to an Agony Aunt

Letter to an Agony Aunt (Dariusz Socha)

Dear Deirdre

I have fallen madly in love with my best friend. She loves me too. We can’t live without each other.

I’m 32 and my wife is 31. We spent our holiday on the Baltic sea. There we met our old friends. They are the same age as us. We went together to the disco and danced. But during this holiday I noticed that Maryla, Barnard’s wife was looking at me in a different way. While we were dancing, she touched me on my most sensitive parts of my body. And finally we were kissing during the dance. Nobody could see us, because it was in the dark corner of the disco. But after that I’m deeply in love. And she told me that she loves me too.

Since we came back from holiday, I haven’t been able to forget about Maryla. We phone every day to each other. We’re going to meet each other in a secret place. My wife seems to be alright about this as well. Dear Deirdre, please help me! Should I stay with my wife, or go to Maryla?

Dariusz Socha

Dear Dariusz,

You are playing a risky game. What do you mean ‘My wife seems to be alright about this as well’? Are you swingers with an ‘open relationship’ ? I’m not convinced – if she were alright about your relationship with Maryla why did you kiss her in a dark corner of a disco?

Maybe you are worried about losing your friendship with Barnard, but you don’t seem to be – you didn’t mention his feelings once in your letter. If you don’t want to destroy this friendship I suggest you invite him to a wife-swapping evening, or you should stop seeing Maryla.

If that doesn’t work I’m free at weekends, so call my mobile 0605 127526.