Lonely Hearts (Intermediate)

Write Four Lonely Hearts advertisements from people desperate to find love. 

Lonely Hearts from people desperate to find love by Agnieszka W (Intermediate) 

I dream about you all the time. Where are you – the love of my life?

I still miss you.

If you look for a strong, exciting, deep and true feeling of love for ever.

If you believe in love at first sight.

If you like some long romantic walks and some long talks.

If you enjoy the stars and sunset, you’ll write me. I still wait for you.


Active man, 35, seeks full of energy, open female (25-35) with healthy heard, who needs adrenalin to live as much as he, for absolutely amazing and exciting life together.


I’m a cultured, really nice, inexperienced bachelor with a farm and a practising Catholic without habits. I’d like to find a tolerant, cheerful woman, who is under forty, loves cooking and cleaning and enjoys eating like me. The best is one after agricultural studies. The outward appearance doesn’t matter. Children would be preferred.


Attractive, a little bit shy and lonely young vegetarian with a daughter searches for a strong but sensitive man with magnetic personality, who loves children and is into yoga and can make her life more relaxed.


Ula W – Intermediate 

My heart was broken many times. Who can heal it? I’m not handsome and rich, but I can understand woman and make her happy. If you are a girl who feels lonely and are looking for true love, don’t wait, write a letter to me. Maybe I’m your destiny.


I’m Julie. Attractive, middle-aged woman who feels like teenager.

I have long blonde hair and big blue eyes. I’m intelligent, passionate, witty and quite modest. I have only one shortcoming – I’m hooked on coffee. I will be happy if some man would drink it with me every morning.

Hello girls!

I’m twenty six years old and think it’s time to fall in love. I’m good dancer, if you dance with me, you’ll never forget it. I wait for a letter from pretty and interesting girl who likes to be spoiled.

“Handsome Aquarius”

I’m looking for a Mr Right for me. He must be broad-minded, sincere, honest and love eating. I’m likeable, plump woman with brown eyes and dark hair. I would like to cook my dishes for the man of my dreams.