How To Embarrass Your Children – Basic Mistakes Made by Parents , by Dorota K , 2004

Have you ever been drunk at a wedding reception? Or maybe you can’t find a better talking point than your children? Or maybe you keep telling stories about your daughter’s or son’s childhood to her/his boyfriend or girlfriend?

All these things drive young people insane. The worst thing you can do is talk about a teenager, no matter what subject you raise. Especially discussing how fast he or she is growing up, their achievements or failures at school, or – oh horrors! – he bra size.

If you must talk to your daughter’s boyfriends, try to talk about the weather. It is not a good start to a relationship when a guy finds out that his girlfriend loved running on the beach. The same situation is true when a girl finds out that her boyfriend was tied to his mother’s apron strings and cried before going to kindergarten. All these offences are mostly committed by mothers.

Fathers are not entirely blameless. People under the influence of alcohol behave differently. Some of them are more courageous and start to tell rude jokes or sing silly songs.

Let us go shopping – that is another great idea. Children love shopping with their parents and arguing about what is fashionable and what is not. Let us talk about a teenager’s lack of taste with a shop assistant. Is there anything that can be more embarrassing? Mothers love addressing their daughters as ‘sweetie’ in other teenagers’ presence – for example handsome boys.

Would it not be better if you tried to find a compromise? Try to rememnber you own parents’ behaviour. Have you promised yourself that you will treat your children differently? The time has come to keep that promise.