Hearts Behind Bars

1. Hearts Behind Bars Presents Franek Pawlak 

I’m not too tall and I’m a little bit fat, with a nice appearance and a friendly smile (look at my photo). I’m not very lively, but I’m mature and straight. I like reading books, especially crime stories and thrillers.

I’m studying psychiatry at the Medical Academy in Poznan via the internet. I’m interested in people’s paranormal behaviour. That’s why I’d like to meet new friends to talk about my interests and ask them some questions.

AGE: 40
BIRTHDAY: 1.04/1965
HEIGHT: 160 cm
EYES: blue
HAIR: wavy and blond
RACE Caucasian
SEX: not for 10 years
SEEKING: Friends
HOBBIES: reading books, cooking, psychiatry
MUSIC: blues, soul
LIKES: comfortable armchair and a good book
DISLIKES; cycling, running, sport

by Magda & Kasia

2.Hearts Behind Bars Presents Mr Muscle 

Down-to-earth, trustworthy, educated, easy-going, sexy. Small and stocky. I have been working on my muscles for 10 years. I can lift over 150kg. I’m interested in wrestling and martial arts.

I believe only in myself. I would like to meet a young, generous and sexy chick for passionate encounters twice a week.

AGE: 33
BIRTHDAY: 25.03.1970
HEIGHT: 150 cm
EYES: brown
HAIR: black
SEX: not with women recently
SEEKING: New stuff to build my muscles
HOBBIES: sports, beautiful women, cars
MUSIC: rap
LIKES: women, sport, alcohol, pumping iron
DISLIKES; politics, dancing

by Mariusz & Jedrzej

3. Hearts Behind Bars Presents Hugo J.B. 

Stand-offish, laddish, spaced out. Short, fat, drippy, Polish. I’ve been working on my body for the last 10 years and I know karate very well. I’ve also been working on my mind and I’ve just graduated from the 5th class of primary school.

During my stay in prison I have become more confident person who knows what he can do and whop he is. I am looking for friends who want to correspond with me about biology, history and Polish literature, because I am studying all of these subjects now.

AGE: 51
HEIGHT: 150 cm
EYES: blue
HAIR: blond locks
SEX: never
SEEKING: friends
HOBBIES: reading, writing, hunting mice and spiders

by Magda & Asia