Haunted House, by FCE2 2005


So we are in a haunted house… Going through, we notice a ghost flying around and we hear mysterious screaming voices begging for help and praying… Going upstairs we can see pictures with strange people painted in them… We get the impression that these people are staring at us… We are so terrified that we are trying to run away from this place, but we can’t because the …. argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Magda & Kuba

There is a path leading through to an old banging door. You can hear strange and terrible noises inside. At first when you stand in the doorway, you can see a big spider hanging from the ceiling from its thread. There is a half-dark, gloomy corridor there. You can’t see any rooms. You can hear somebody cackling and screaming from the cellar…

Sylwia & Gosia

It’s a small house without windows, just a big hole in the ceiling and all the rooms are covered with cobwebs. In the living room there are a lot of mirrors and pictures hanging from the walls…
All the walls are black and the kitchen is decorated with human skulls. All the furniture is made from bones and the bookcase is …. FULL OF BOOKS!!!!

Karolina & Asia

I used to visit a haunted house nearby a large lake. It was a very old, big, dilapidated building. It had a black wooden front door opening onto a large hall. There was an old clock standing in the corner of the big living room where dark, tattered curtains used to hang… They were moving, despite the window being closed. There were no people living there, but you could hear very strange sounds at night.

Jola & Michelle

There is a house which was left by the previous owners many years ago. There’s a big brown, creaking door in front of it. When you get in, you see a big hall with huge, dark paintings on the walls. The painted people represent the members of a family which lived there. There is old furniture covered by a piece of white material. The windows are ….

Maria & Agnieszka