Film Reviews – Rob’s Intermediate group November 2003

Groundhog Day 

“Groundhog Day” is a comedy directed by Harold Ramis. It’s the story about a selfish weather presenter, Bill Murray. He spend the night in Punxsutawny every year, where he has to make a film about the traditional holiday and he hates it. Although Bill wants to leave this place very quickly, he can’t because he gets in a time trap. He repeats this day many times and knows every minute of it.

After many funny events, at the end Bill turns into a better man.

It is quite a good film, which makes you laugh and think.

Ula W


I would like to recommend the film “Seksmisja”. It’s a Polish comedy which I have seen many times. This film was directed by Juliusz Machalski. Jerzy Atuhr and Olgierd Lukaszewski are the main actors, so they play the main characters Maks and Albert.

This is a story about two men who are put into hibernation experiment. When they wake up, everything’s ok but they are in a women’s world. A perfect world? I don’t think so, especially for Maks and Albert, who must escape because the women want to change their sex.

Every time I watch this film, I enjoy it. The funniest thing is the dialogues.


Requiem for a dream 

“Requiem for a dream” is a drama directed by Darren Aronofsky. It’s a film based on a book by Hubert Selby. It’s the story of four people from Coney Island – a drug dealer, his mother, his girlfriend and his best friend. all of them try to realize their desires in present-day Brooklyn but these desires are only dreams which can’t come true. None of the characters deal with the surrounding world. They leave into addiction such as addiction to drugs, TV or cigarettes. Finally, all of them are left alone and feel their personal tragedy.

It’s a story of four people who long for love and better days. This is a film about solitude, sadness and illusory happiness.


“American Pie” 

The title of the film is “American Pie”. It’s an American comedy and was directed by Paul Weitz.

The main actor is John Biggs, Chris Klein, Natasha Lyonne, Ian Nicholas, Tara Reid, Mena Suvari and Eugene Levy.

This film is about a group of friends who are pooling? into adult life. What I liked about was that it’s full of funny and silly situations. The film “American Pie” is the first part and “American Pie – the Wedding” is now in cinemas.


Dirty Dancing 

It was directed by Emile Anddino in the USA.

It’s a romantic comedy with wonderful music and choreography. The music score is by John Morris and the choreography by Kenny Ortega.
In 1988 “Dirty Dancing” won the Oscar for ‘best song’.

‘Baby’ Housman (played by Jennifer Grey) is spending the holiday with her family in a luxury holiday cottage in the mountains. She gets to know a handsome, charming and sexy dance teacher, Johnny Castle (Patrick Swayze).

An unexpected situation makes both not only fantastic partners in dance but also in love. Patrick and Jennifer dance together with such big passion and enthusiasm that you can watch this movie and never get bored!
If you like Latin American dancing, you must watch this movie.


“Lord of the Rings” 

“Lord of the Rings” is one of the best books which I read. Tolkein’s books were the first fantasy books. “Lord of the Rings” tells us about adventure, danger, friendship, and a small “man” (hobbit) who became a hero.

When the film appeared in the cinema, I was very happy because I have been waiting for this moment since I finished the book. I was afraid about this film because Peter Jackson wasn’t known and I was thinking “He’s going to make a boring and unprofessional film”. I didn’t know the actors who played in “Lord of the Rings” , except Liv Tyler, who played Arwene, the daughter of Elrond, Lord of Rivandel. When I watched the film I didn’t know what I would think about this film. Elijah Wood, Orlando Bloom, and Ian Mckellen acted really well, the special effects were excellent but I expected another, better film.

When I talk with people who didn’t read the book, they always say that this film was rally good.


The title of the film is “Shrek” and the director is Andrew Adamson. The film is based on a novel by William Steig. It’s a mixture of romance, adventure, comedy, fantasy and animation.

In a fantasy land called Duloc, a heartless ruler, the midget Lord Farquard, has banisghed all the fairy tales from the land. There are three characters who will stand in his way. The first is a green, smelly ogre with a heart of gold named Shrek. His faithful steed is Donkey, and the beautiful Princess Fiona, whom Lord Farquad wishes to make his wife (because he can become King of Duloc). A small green ogre and a chatterbox donkey go on a quest to find a princess and a tyrannical midget lord.

In the English version Shrek’s voice is Mike Myers, the donkey’s voice is Eddie Murphy and Princess Fiona’s is Cameron Diaz. In the Polish version Shrek is Zbigniew Zamachowski, the donkey is Jerzy Stuhr and Agnieszka Kunikowska plays the Princess.

What I liked about it was the jokes and morals.



“Dogville” is a film by Lars von Trier. The action takes place in the small settlement Dogville in the Rocky Mountains in America. It’s the early Thirties, the Great Depression. It’s a drama about a young woman, Grace, who comes from a bad world where people behave terribly, although she fights to be a good and noble human being. She comes to Dogville, because she runs away from gangsters and looks for a shelter. Dogville-dwellers help her and in return for their help, she has to work for them. At first everything is all right, but then the town citizens begin to …. Grace. Slowly the situation becomes more difficult to tolerate….

Hollywood legends as well as young stars appear in this film – Lauren Bacall, Ben Gazzara, James Caan, Chloe Sevigny, Jeremy Davies and Paul Bettany.
Nicole Kidman plays the part of Grace. It’s a timeless story about how right can easily turn into wrong. Although it lasts three hours, all the time it’s fascinating to watch. It’s a remarkable and inspiring film, which worries and makes you think a lot after the film finishes. The film also provokes us to talk about it. It isn’t a typical Hollywood film, for example, there aren’t any buildings or any other elements in it, but thanks to this, you can create your own, how you want. It’s really interesting.