Film Reviews CAE 2005

Film Reviews (Stephen’s CAE1 2005)

“Love Actually” 

“Love Actually” stands out from other romantic comedies because of its intelligent sense of humour and the message that it conveys. The action takes place at Christmas time and shows us the different aspects of love. Several stories which seem to be totally unrelated at first, turn out to have something in common and are linked in an amazing and astonishing way.

The warmth of this movie and the touching plot makes it special and enables it to capture your heart. In our opinion no-one could see it and remain indifferent. (Daria & Kasia C, who might need psychiatric help)


The marvellous journey of two extraordinary friends looking for a princess held prisoner in a castle by a dragon. The green ogre (Zamachowski) and the annoying speaking Donkey (Stuhr) present a charming couple ready to face any danger. The Stunning performances of both actors make everyone burst out laughing almost all the time. Full of humour, this animated comedy deals with many aspects of our everyday life. (Ewa & Marta)

The Pianist 

Roman Polanski came back to his home country to make his new film – “The Pianist”. This picture is about a well-known Jewish pianist – Władysław Szpilman, who was lucky to survive the German occupation of Warsaw during World War Two. He had to endure cruelty, starvation and pain, but he didn’t give up and … (Adam & Anna)

Pretty Woman 

An unconventional love story. A prostitute falls in love with her client. A great number of funny situations will certainly make you laugh. Charming as usual, Julia Roberts plays her character excellently. And handsome Richard Gere becomes a real gentleman. Ideal for lonely evenings, not very demanding, but very romantic. (Agnieszka & Agnieszka – who also might need psychiatric help)