Romantic Story (by Weronika , FCE)

Write a story ending with these words: “They held hands, looking at the sunset, and kissed.” 

Fascinating David Beckham and his Woman by Weronika (FCE) 

David Beckham is known throughout the world as the best English soccer superstar and is famous for his brilliant playing for Real Madrid.

For many women, he seems to be the most handsome and charming footballer ever. For Rose too.

Surprisingly for Rose, they met one day in the pub where the Real Madrid team were celebrating their victory over Chelsea. David bumped into Rose while dancing and that was the beginning of their love, love at first sight.. love, which was so crazy, passionate and unexpected that it didn’t even matter that he was married. She was his beloved princess, and he was her brave knight in shining armour.

One day they met on the beach and David gave her a little heart-shaped box. On opening it, Rose was so surprised and moved. Inside was a terrific pink diamond ring. Then he asked her:

“What do you think?”

Hearing this, Rose was in heaven. then he added:

“I’ve bought it for my wife, for her 30th birthday. Do you think she’ll like it?”

Two days after that David and his wonderful wife Victoria were walking together on the same beach. When the sun was going down, David gave her the pink diamond ring, which she really liked. Happy and madly in love. they held hands, looking at the sunset and kissed.