FCE houses 2015

FCE estate agent adverts 28.05.15

rock house

Do you want to the live in harmony with nature? Are you looking for the house of your dreams, which blends perfectly into the environment? Don’t bother looking any further! You’ve just found your perfect house – a house between rocks.

The original location will let you explore nature. In this place you are completely free of annoying neighbours and contamination. The enormous garden is also one of the pluses of this house. Don’t wait, let’s rock!

Asia, Agata, Agnieszka

grass roof house

Are you tired of traffic jams, pollution, noise? We have got the perfect solution – to live in harmony with nature.

We are offering a spacious house with a lot of rooms – 2 bathrooms and a garage. It overlooks a forest and blends into the environment. Imagine yourself walking on the terrace and feeling moss under your feet. Your children will have plenty of space to play in and a quiet neighbourhood without any cars. The house is animal-friendly (wolves are allowed).

It was designed using only natural materials: wood, grass, moss. In the middle you’ll find an internal garden.

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Judyta and Lidka

stilts house

Do you want to live in harmony with nature? See wild animals and rare species of plants? You can start a new life right now!

We are offering a beautiful, light and airy house in the middle of the wood. This lovely house is located on stilts in water. You can start your day with a refreshing swim and eat breakfast on the balcony with an absolutely stunning view. A perfect place for a newly-married couple and also for a small family. You can enjoy the silence and sounds of woodland life. There’s no better house than this one! This dream home is cheap and at the same time perfectly built and located.

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Ewa and Marcin


A modern house with a private park

Look at this huge, luxurious house. I has one floor with a high ceiling, so you have everything on one level. The modern interior contains a living room with a kitchen and dining space, three bedrooms – one with a shower, the second with a bath and the third with jacuzzi. You also have a sophisticated study and dressing room. What’s more, you can get into each room from the circular corridor, On the roof there is a spacious terrace that you can adapt into a swimming pool    or tennis court. The whole house is light and airy, because of the transparent glazed walls. It has pleasant surroundings, because a large plot with a private forest belongs to the house.

It can be the house of your dreams.

Kasia and Paulina