FCE Animal attacks 2015


 Last summer I spent my holidays in the Polish mountains. It was one of the longest trips and it was getting dark. I had ten more minutes to the next shelter when I heard I wasn’t alone. A huge bear was coming towards me.

He noticed me, but I stayed calm and slowly took off my backpack with lots of sweets and put it on the ground. After that I turned around and walked as quietly and slowly as I could in the opposite direction. Fortunately, the bear wasn’t hungry or interested in eating me, so I managed to get safely back to where I was sleeping. It wasn’t the wisest strategy, so it’s only now that I realise how lucky I was.

Ewa, Judyta


Last Saturday I went to Poznań’s Old Zoo for walk. I was there with my wife and child. I decided to show them the snakes, because there is a new terrarium for puff adders.

During our walk we noticed that one of the puff adders had escaped from the terrarium. We were very scared and we didn’t know what to do. Suddenly, my wife started screaming and my child started crying. I was afraid that this puff adder would attack my family, so I gave our guinea pig, which I had in my pocket, to this predator. I was pleased that I had taken this guinea pig with us. If I’d behaved differently, I would probably be dead now.

Lila, Agata, Marcin

It was the holiday of a lifetime. I had spent all my savings on this safari trip. I saw cape buffalo, lions, zebras, elephants and many other creatures.

Our safari guide always briefed us not to show signs of fear in front of predators. However, we didn’t take him seriously, because none of the animals were aggressive or dangerous but were rather friendly. While I was taking photos, I didn’t notice that my group had moved away. Suddenly, I saw a huge male lion in the bushes, with enormous paws and claws. It took my breath away – I was extremely surprised and didn’t know what to do. I stood and couldn’t move, as I knew that I couldn’t get nervous. Fortunately, the lion saw a young zebra and immediately started hunting it. If I’d behaved differently, I would probably be dead now. Luckily for me, the lion chose the zebra for dessert.

Lidia, Kasia

FCE, 12.05.15