Describing buildings with participle clauses (CPE 2014)

Building A: Sheffield’s New Cathedral


Intended to symbolise the changing face of religious worship, Sheffield’s new cathedral has sparked considerable controversy.

Looking a bit chaotic at first sight, the building combines tradition and the future.

Looking like a futuristic weapon, the building scared aliens off.

Two styles contrast together – old-fashioned and modern, resulting in an eye-catching building.

Combining old and new, stone and glass, this building is a remarkable landmark at the heart of our city.

The modern-style part completely drained of right angles draws your attention, even in the middle of the night.

Extremely technical in appearance, this is an alien crystal overgrowth including an innocent church.

Building B: The Communist Twin Towers


Probably the only Communist twin towers constructed in Europe, its overwhelming simplicity does not interfere in the local landscape.

Brutishly socialist by design, this twin-towered hideousness really does not make the day, or any given day, of the locals.

Building C: The Zip


Best known as „The Zip”, this coffee-with-milk-coloured building in the suburbs of Minsk was designed by Dimitri Kovalev.

Constructed as if gravity was not an issue, the building looks about to collapse.

Divided in its upper part, the building, designed as office space, turned out not to be functional.

Dividing into two at the 12th floor and soaring to over 30 metres, the new building on the Batorego housing estate is a must-see for all visitors to Poznań.

With its extraordinary shape like the letter ‘Y’, the construction of this monumental structure dates back to 1957.

The shape of this building makes me think of hands put together and opened in a prayer – “God, forgive”

Building D: Air Home


Standing above the city, the glass structure resembles a one-eyed cartoon character.

Resembling a giant slug in a piece of chain mail, this peculiar edifice really tests the tastes of all but the really tasteless.

Looking like a huge sports shoe, this ‘air home’ was created by a youngster in South Korea to remind us that there are some in the world who have just shoes..

Designed by retired urologist Gracjan Płetwa, Kielce’s new kidney-shaped bus station `draws visitors in their thousands.

Designed by a world-famous architect, the building in fact resembles a shoe.

Having been made out of glass and steel, this hotel doesn’t give much privacy.

Building E: Jenga Tower


Resembling an old, derelict factory, this building is in fact a modern high-rise block.

Shaped like an enlarged version of a Jenga tower, the building seems to stand against the ravages of time.

Constructed entirely of breakfast cereal boxes and standing over 25 metres above the slums of Sao Paulo, this building is yet to win a prestigious award in architecture.

Resembling a stack of books, this building is home for bookworms.

Building F: The Pearl of Hing Kong


Designed on the plan of a circle, this is a twenty-storey building, offering beautiful views from its highest flats.

Created with mathematical precision, it has perfect regularity of CPU.

Curiously round like a spool or orange cable or the viewpoint of a ships’ gunwale, this remarkable building gives a nod to the ancient Chinese tradition of Feng-Shui.

Designed by an unknown yoga instructor, the building is considered ‘The Pearl of Hong Kong.

Shaped like a giant glass circle, this building represents the full moon in this part of Chinatown.

Having been designed by a watermill owner, this building resembles a wheel.

Rotating once every 24 hours, the new NASA residence for retired astronauts dominates the Florida skyline.

Building G: Renovation Building


Being once of the most distinctive buildings in this part of the city, the structure represents how extraordinary life in a block of flats can be.

Representing what London Bridge would have looked like were it built from iron and steel, this building looks as if it were under attack from metalworkers

Having returned from their summer holidays and seeing the extent of their second-floor neighbour renovation work the families on the lower and upper floors contacted their lawyers.