Darwin Awards, by CPE 2006

Darwin Awards (Stephen’s CPE 2006)


Imagine two male mammals running into each other at high speed to impress females. Now imagine two guys doing the same with their scooters. That’s what happened in Taiwan when Shikazizi and Kumaciuta – students from the High School of Economics met at a festival.

As usual, they drunk their favorite cider and became legless. But that was not the problem for them. They managed to notice a unique girl who had the combination of youth energy & vitality of Zosia and the mature personality of Telimena. So like the medieval knights the decided to fight for the woman they had fallen in love with.

So on the wings of love, they mounted their mechanical horses and fired the engines. There was the only one rule that they had to obey: the one who gave up first would lose the hand of chosen one. The struggle began : the horses neighed and they started running. Both were very ambitions. Both died. The girl just laughed “nevermind shy?.

Kuba & Daria

Once upon a time there lived 2 Taiwanese students who were madly in love. Unfortunately, however, both with one girl. As you can imagine, this problem couldn’t be solved without a tragedy.

They decide to compete for the girl just as medieval knights once used to and as male mammals do, to this day.

They took their silver motor scooters and drove at each other with impressive speed. The idea was that the one who overcame his fear and did not turn away could ask the girl for a date. The problem was that neither of them turned…. and both died in glory.

Mercifully they hadn’t known that the girl liked neither of them.

Beware children, love is blind.

* * *

Iga & Kasia C.

What would you do for a girl ?

In the Middle Ages people fought in jousts. Apparently, except a few gadgets, it hasn’t changed at all.

Two Taiwanese students, who ached to pick up a girl, had a brilliant idea of fighting with each other.

Instead of horses, they mounted motor scooters and rode at each other. The chicken who hadn’t had the nerve and had turned away first, would have lost.

Unfortunately, they both proved to be extremely courageous and didn’t twin away. They died immediately. The unimpressed girl only said that she didn’t like either of them.

Agnieszka, Wojtek & Anna

Impressing females has always been the main target of male mammals who are seeking love. As every male sheep knows, running into each other at high speed is the best way to do this.

That fact was obviously known to medieval knights in love with the same girl.

One day after getting tipsy at a festival two Asian admirers decided to use the sheep’s technique, but imaginably performing it on their motor scooters. The one who was to turn away first should say goodbye to the female.

Sadly, neither of them did. There was no loser but there wasn’t anyone alive left either.

The girl lived happily alone ever after.

Ania D & Ewa Lepper