What is Love (by Tomek and Monika, CPE)

Write an Essay entitled ‘Love is.’

What is Love by Tomek (CPE) 

Who knows? I’ve been looking for the recipe ever since I can remember. Setting off on this endless quest is quite risky, as it may reveal that love doesn’t exist.

The intangibility of this feeling is inexplicable. Everyone is sure, well at least quite sure, that love really exists, though there is no evidence.

Women constantly dream about a real elevated feeling that would make our hearts beat faster. We can see ourselves by the side of a young and devastatingly handsome stranger, whom we’ve met by accident. We don’t know yet, but probably after a while it will turn out that he is a prince or at least a famous Argentinean actor.

Unfortunately, dreams seldom come true and we have to satisfy ourselves with average and run-of-the-mill men. (Well, all right, they are not that bad after all.)

Usually when I meet a new man I immediately start to think that it is real love and he is the one and only. I often find it disappointing, while men tend to think in quite a different way. The interesting fact is that what seemed to be a really overwhelming and passionate feeling usually transpires to be nowhere near as good as the next one. What is love then? I don’t know, but it proves somewhat elusive. How can I be sure that I found ‘the one’ if I am always sure and it is always a fake? Can anybody tell me?

Or maybe it is me being indecisive. Perhaps I should just take a prompt decision and distinguish love from being taken with somebody. On the other hand, how will I know that love is now?

It appears that love is the weirdest state of mind that is the icing on the cake of our life. It’s my belief that an inquisitive mind will never be able to understand love. It is way too disembodied and one is incapable of getting to know it by logic, intelligence or science. Love from its inception is indescribable and unstoppable. If it comes, there is nothing you can do. I am sure that you know this feeling when you meet a gorgeous man and you just can’t resist the temptation and succumb to it. You just can’t stop following it even though you are reluctant to accept it.

And take my word for it, you haven’t lived until you’ve fallen in love. But what does it mean?

Tomka J

What is Love? by Monika Zieleskiewicz (CPE) 

For all the talk about divided halves striving to find each other in order to reunite happily, and for all the ink used to try to capture the essence of this feeling, scientific research proved that love is, to put it in a nutshell, down to a chemical addiction between people. However brutal it may sound, a romantic relationship is simply a question of dopamine, reward and reinforcement mechanism and, above all, reproduction. If only Menelaus had known that only 3% of mammal species appear to form monogamous relationships, he wouldn’t have overreacted about Helen and Paris and the poor Trojans would have avoided the bloodbath (and we would be spared the doubtful pleasure of watching another Hollywood blockbuster). And had I been more

hard-headed about love, I wouldn’t have suffered like Young Werther when my girlfriend spun on her heel one day and left me. I wept bitterly for weeks but it finally dawned on me that she was looking for Prince Charming, which I unfortunately wasn’t.

Up until the moment she shut the door I had been labouring under the naive delusion that even I could experience the feeling eulogized in poems and dramas. This traumatic ordeal, however, enlightened me as to the nature of romantic love – it’s nothing more but the figment of poets’ imagination. And all I can see around only confirms me in my conviction: promiscuity, routine, two marriages in three ending in divorce etc. Anyway, with passionate and everlasting love it is a bit like with yeti – many believe in its existence, some even claim to have seen it in the flesh, but there is no irrefutable evidence (crucial for such a doubting Thomas I’ve become).

All in all, even though I have serious doubts about the long-standing mythical claims concerning the subject of this essay, I didn’t mean to disillusion all the love-besotted and lovelorn, let alone convince everyone that pair-bonding can be reduced to hormones and pheromones, but I think that a dose of scepticism wouldn’t do any harm. Instead, it would help to counterbalance all the St Valentine’s Day hype.

Monik J