Chocolate Reviews, CPE 2004

Chocolate Reviews (Stephen’s CPE 2003)

Chocolate reviews

The “Alpejska Mleczna” chocolate has a tender and appealing smell. Its shiny texture makes your mouth water and makes your appetite grow every single second. It’s so crunchy that it makes a hard and clear crack. It melts slowly and smoothly in your mouth, providing you with a blissful feeling and fulfilling pleasure. This delectable taste makes you want it to last and last and last and last…

Justyna and Martyna

Gifted with a dark brown colour, “Krakowska” has one of the most intense and mouth-watering smells. It breaks with a hard and clear “crack” and doesn’t splinter at all. You can hold it in your hands for a few moments and you palm will still be clean. After placing a square in your mouth, it melts slowly and regularly, but doesn’t stick to the palate. The taste isn’t very bitter, but it makes you satisfy.

Damian and Marcin

The “Jedyna” chocolate has a deep brown colour and quite a dull surface. It makes a clear crack while breaking, which is a sign of great quality. One can tell that it contains a lot of vegetable fat because it doesn’t melt in one’s fingers. It melts very smoothly and slowly in one’s mouth and doesn’t stick to one’s palate. It’s a bit too dry, but after it finally melts it leaves a deep, pleasant taste of cocoa.

Jacek & Monika M.

What makes “Kasztanowa” from Wawel such an unusual chocolate is its extraordinarily delicious filling made of chestnut and other nuts. It has a rather good texture with quite a clear crack (when broken), although it could be clearer. Besides this, it’s shiny, it melts perfectly and it doesn’t stick to the palate. The level of sweetness is just right and it leaves a pleasant aftertaste. All in all, it is a good choice for chocolate connoisseurs. We strongly recommend that you try it and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Monika Z & Artur

After unwrapping “Orzechowa”, you’ll immediately feel the fragrant scent of it. The texture of the bar is shiny: you can spot the reflection of light on its surface. It breaks with a hollow sound. You take a square, finger it, and it doesn’t melt. It takes a while before it melts in your mouth. The flavour is full, and not too sugary. The chunks of nuts crush under the pressure of your teeth. It’s just so pleasurable… You can’t resist the temptation of having another piece…

Tomek & Marta