Chocolate Reviews, by CAE3, 2004

Chocolate Reviews (Stephen’s CAE3 2004)

Złoty Kasztanek – A Chocolate with a soft-center from Wawel 

The chocolate has a mouth-watering smell, looks shiny and its colour is dark brown. It is smooth and when you break it, it neither crumbles nor splinters.

When you taste it, it melts for quite a long time and it’s tough. There granular residues are due to the soft-center filling.

You have to bite and chew it. generally, the Złoty kasztanek is an exquisite chocolate and we’re giving it a silver medal.

Lucyna & Danuta

Wawel’s Dark Chocolate 

The Krakowska Dark Chocolate has a pleasant, inviting aroma and what’s more, it breaks without crumbling. the bad side of it is that it doesn’t melt in your fingers. Consequently it’s not easy to liquefy it in your mouth, which, from the medical point of view, is destructive for your tongue and teeth.

The flavour is quite good and stays in your mouth for a long time.

Hubert & Kasia

Wedel Orzechowa (Milk Chocolate) 

The wrapper of the Wedel Milk Chocolate is eye-catching because of its colourful layout. Its has a pleasant aroma, conjuring up images of autumnal forests.

The texture is not shiny. you can easily break one piece off without putting much effort into it.

It melts on the tongue very slowly and leaves an exquisite taste of cocoa and nut. A smooth filling inside makes the taste richer and more delicious.