Chocolate Reviews 2006 Mon/Wed 17.45

Milka Yoghurt

From the very first rustle of Milka Yoghurts’ wrapper you now that your life is gonna change forever when its taste fills your mouth. Your heart starts beating faster when you see its smooth shiny texture. The smell of this perfectly brown miracle overwhelms your nostrils. You just can’t wait to hear the soft crack of the splintering bar when you finally put a piece of Milka in your mouth you feel a sudden rise in the level of serotonin in your blood. Your tongue is in ecstasy when this little square melts in your mouth, nicely and smoothly, without sticking to your palate. It leaves a blissful feeling of endless happiness. (by Magda & Kasia G.)

Alpen Gold Orzechowa

Shiny as the sky over the Alps on a bright sunny day, Alpen Gold gives you the feeling of an exceptional experience. Your fingers remain untouched while you crack it easily – it waits until it’s in your mouth before it starts melting. And when its there… then … Oh my God! … It begins to reveal its true chocolate nature. The Queen of Chocolate generously gives you al, her riches, overwhelming your senses.

The quality of the cocoa beans guarantees a taste that will leave all true chocolate connoisseurs breathless and craving for more… (by Marta L. & Kasia K.)

Goplana Klasyczna Gorzka

“Beware! Eat it only if you are ready for an extraordinary experience.” – this warning note should be placed on each and every bar of this chocolate.

Eating Classic Dark Goplana is, for true chocolate connoisseurs, almost a heavenly experience. You can smell the sensuous aroma from half a metre away. It tastes like ambrosia. When you try to break it, the crack resembles a choir of angels… (by Agnieszka & Asia)

Wedel Luksusowa

I’m not overenthusiastic about Wedel Luksusowa Chocolate, though it is quite palatable. Mostly that’s because this chocolate has as many advantages as disadvantages.

First of all, the aroma is not particularly intensive, which means you have to inhale really deeply. Though it is not impressively shiny, it still has a pleasant colour, which promises a good milky taste. And, last but not least, is the flavour. When you put a piece of this chocolate into your mouth it tastes a little too sweet at first, but then after it melts you sense big nuts between your teeth which crack nicely when you bite them. Finally, those who are not fond of the strong flavour of cocoa will be pleased because the chocolate consists of only 32% cocoa. (by Alicja & Marta . – the evil sisters)

Pasja Milk Chocolate with Nuts

When you open the box you feel the intense scent of blissful chocolate. And, what a pity, that’s the best thing about the Pasja Milk Chocolate with nuts. There is no crack when you break it. The taste is pleasant but seems a little disappointing, with its overwhelming sweetness and lack of a chocolatey tang. The ‘floury’ feeling in your mouth makes the situation even worse. The only thing this rather cheap chocolate leaves you with is a trace of its melting in your fingers. (by Ewa Le Pear & Marcin)