Chocolate Reviews 2006 Mon-Wed 19.30

Alpen Gold “Winogronowo-orzechowa” 
The Alpen Gold “Winogronowo-orzechowa” chocolate has a very distinctive (meaning chemical, unpleasant) smell. Fortunately, the chocolate crumbles when it is broken, probably because of the ingredients like raisins (16%) and hazelnuts (5%). The surface is so shiny that it resembles plastic. It must contain lot of vegetable fat, which becomes apparent when you’re holding a piece of it in your fingers for a few seconds – it doesn’t melt. On the contrary, it melts well when you taste it. It’s neither dry nor fatty. It liquefies easily without much effort. It is not delicious, but even though surprisingly tasty given that it contain only 25% coca. (by Basia & Zofia)

Golpana Gorzka 

If you enjoy an intense, deep taste, Goplana Gorzka is a chocolate for you. From the moment you open it, the magnificent aroma fills your nostrils. It’s very shiny, with a deep dark colour like the surface of water under the light of a full moon. The crack is absolutely perfect. Straight like an edge of a knife. Finally, after you put into your mouth you feel it slowly melting. The taste is luscious because of the perfect 60% cocoa solids in it. (Magda & Mateusz ‘Lobster Boy’)

Pasja Milk Chocolate 

The best solution to bad mood is to have some good milk chocolate. So after having a quarrel with my boyfriend, I decided to buy some. The most appealing name was Pasja. As soon as I unwrapped it turned out to be the worse choice….
It didn’t look like chocolate at all, it was totally unappetizing. It wasn’t shiny and looked it had a layer of flour on it. However, the smell seemed to compensate the look…. After tasting it…… (by Marta & Ania)

Wedel Luksusowa 
The E.Wedel brand has a long tradition in Poland – it had a really special taste. However, when it was taken over by Cadbury it lost it. This chocolate is proof of that. Instead of real milk flavor you get over- sweetened milk powder inside, which you can even smell. There’s too much fat and it’s only the nuts that rescue the pleasure of eating it. Nevertheless it melts nicely, has pretty good texture and breaks with a slight crack. You should have it with something bitter like coffee. The supersweet taste would be probably be loved by children. (by Tom & Wojtek)

Pasja- Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts. 

Looking at it you shouldn’t expect anything special. The bar doesn’t look too encouraging and it is a bit unappetizing. But when you break it, it creaks nicely and when it melts between your fingers you feel its nice smell. Although it contains only 25% cocoa solids it tastes quite good; certainly it’s like an average milk chocolate with not the biggest nuts inside. The taste is a bit rough and is too dry. Once it’s liquefying it starts to taste better and the nut aroma overtakes. To sum up, the producer could be more aware of its aesthetic side so you would get more sensuous impression while unwrapping it. (by Kinky Kasia & Mesmerising Michał)