Bullshitter Estate Agents (Rob’s Intermediate group, 2010)


Looking for a home? Well, you’ve come to the right guy – I’ve got just what you want! Come on in and I’ll show you around – you won’t regret it!


house 1

In this house you could live where you wish. All the time you can feel like you are on holiday. This house is not too spacious but it is very cosy, If you like a healthy lifestyle, it is the best option for you. This house is very ecological and with this house you can change the place where you want to live. It is very flexible. You can live near the center or in the suburbs. It is a very beautiful wooden house with a lot of windows which make it light. This house also has an attic.

by Inga, Monika, Ola

house 2


We have a detached house with a large terrace. The house has been renovated and has one spacious bedroom with a large bed and a wardrobe. In the house there are also two other rooms. The kitchen is modern and opens onto the terrace. On the roof there is a playroom for children. In the cellar there is a games room for adults.

The house has a beautiful garden with many different plants and flowers. The house is convenient for the forest and lake and is perfect for a family with children or old people who want a forest. The house is fully furnished and the rent is 500 euros per month.

 by Gosia and Justyna.

house 3


It is a beautiful and modern detached house by a lake in the national park. It is a bungalow and is spacious, light and sunny. There are huge windows and one part of this house has high ceilings. You can go down the stairs to the lake and go swimming in the clear water. In the evening you can stay in and sit in front of the fireplace on a comfortable sofa. There is a sitting room and two bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms. This house is on the outskirts of Łódź and if you want to go fishing there it is quiet, so it is a good place to relax and not think about work. You can do your shopping when you come back from the city.  It is the place for you.

 by Zuza and Łukasz.

house 4


We have a beautiful white semi-detached house with a garden with a parking space in front of the house. This house is on the outskirts of London. The area is very quiet without neighbours. The house has one floor with a big attic. On the ground floor there is a light and sunny sitting room, two bedrooms and an old-fashioned kitchen. All the house is in an old-fashioned style. Near the house there is a daily market and a railway station, ten minutes’ walk away.

It is a beautiful house.

by Kasia and Monika.