A Love Story (not for the faint-hearted)

A Love Story (not for the faint-hearted) (Jakub, Mateusz, Jan FCE2 2004)

Whipped cream Love 

As soon as they met, John knew they would become good friends, but he had never imagined that they would become a couple.

They first saw each other in the night club ‘Miami’. She was the star of the night. Everybody was waiting for their performance. At about eleven o’clock she came out of a cake that was full of whipped cream. She was topless, with a lot of cream on her… She gave a really good show.

Afterwards she went to take a shower. On her way she saw a muscular security guard. It was love at first sight. He asked her if he could eat cream from her body. She really liked this


After twenty minutes she was clean from top to toe. She looked like she had really enjoyed this kind of shower.

It was the beginning of a wonderful affair…

Jakub, Mateusz, Jan FCE2