Polish migrants to strike and give blood to demonstrate importance to UK

Here’s an interesting article that you might have come across earlier this month….

Thousands of British Poles to down tools, while others will take part in mass blood donation, as part of dual protests to combat negative attitudes


The Polish community in the UK will take action on Thursday to demonstrate just how much the UK relies on them, in two contrasting ways: some Polish workers plan to down tools in a daylong strike and head to a demonstration at Westminster, while others intend to donate their blood to the NHS in a gesture laden with historic symbolism.

More than 1,000 Polish workers are set to protest outside parliament instead of going to work. Meanwhile, a Facebook page and Twitter campaign by British Poles is urging others to head to their nearest donor clinic. Using #polishblood, the donor campaign has registered 2,300 as “going”.


Of course, here at Native English we’re also considering highlighting our wonderful contribution to Poland and rather than giving blood, will be giving bloody good lessons this year….