Courses in groups and prices

Length of course

Standard one-year courses consist of 120 teaching hours.

90-minute lessons

Lessons last for 90 minutes and take place twice a week, Monday/ Wednesday or Tuesday/ Thursday.


The price for a semester (60 hours) ranges from 735 zł to 1 050 zł. (from 1 470 zł to 2 100 zł for a year’s lessons, 120 hours)


The price for one semester depends on entitlement to discounts and the form of payment.

  • 10% for students
  • 5% for continuation
  • 5% paying for a year in advance
  • 5% family
  • 5% advanced payment before the end of July

Discounts can add up

Elementary [A1]

This course is for beginners or people who learned English in the past, but who need some revision and practice. The course will present and revise the basic tenses, structures and vocabulary of the English language. You will have lots of opportunities to practice your English in realistic contexts, so by the end of the course you will be able to communicate with confidence!

Pre-Intermediate [A2]

This course revises the basic tenses and structures of English before introducing more complex grammar. Much of the time during lessons is devoted to listening and speaking. This means that you will learn grammar and vocabulary by using it actively. By the end of the course you will be much better at understanding natural spoken English and communicating successfully!

Intermediate [B1]

By reviewing familiar language points and exploring new ones, this course will consolidate your grammar and vocabulary, and help you put your knowledge of English into practice. There will be a lot of focus on common mistakes made by Polish students at this level. You will also have plenty of time to work on your language skills, mainly through authentic listening and speaking activities.

Upper- intermediate [B2]

These courses will focus on helping you use your English more accurately and on expanding your vocabulary. Lessons will feature authentic texts and listening material, and you will watch television programmes connected to the topics in your coursebook. There is also a lot of emphasis on your productive skills (speaking and writing).

If you are interested in taking an upper intermediate exam, the courses will also prepare you to take Cambridge FCE. Your teacher will also give you plenty of extra material to help you get ready for the exam.

Advanced [C1]

Advanced courses will focus on the grammar areas that are still problematic for Polish students at this level and will significantly expand your vocabulary, with a particular focus on collocations, synonyms and formal/informal language. Lessons will feature challenging authentic texts, interesting television programmes and engaging discussions.

If you need a qualification, or are interested in getting a certificate to prove you are at an advanced level, these courses will help prepare you for CAE or IELTS examinations.

Proficiency [C2]

This course is for people who are ready to study English at a very advanced level. The course consists of lots of discussion, a wide range of interesting and challenging texts, and exercises based on radio and television programmes. The course aims to fill in the gaps in your English and polish up your grammar, by focusing on sophisticated vocabulary and working on the grammatical areas that particularly cause problems for Polish students at proficiency level.

The course also includes exam preparation components for students who want to take the Cambridge CPE exam, and a lot of exam practice is assigned for homework.
The levels A1 – C2 correspond to the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference.

Mock Exam

All students taking English language examinations at Native English have the chance to check their English in a FREE mock examination , either in October or March. This includes a mock speaking exam with a highly experienced Cambridge examiner.

Individual Lessons

It is possible to have individual lessons with Native English, but due to classes in the evening, these lessons normally have to take place before 16.00. In individual lessons you decide what you want to do with the teacher: e.g. maybe you want to concentrate on speaking and natural conversation, specialized business or legal English, or study for an exam. We can help you to do this.

Social Programme

There will be pub nights, pool evenings and film evenings throughout the year. These events give you the chance to get to know other students in your group a bit better, to communicate with native speakers outside the classroom, to win some prizes and have some fun!