Student commutes 1,000 miles from POLAND to London

We have students coming through Native English who’ve studied abroad or who are thinking of studying abroad, but this story about a British student certainly shows a different side to the situation.


A thrifty student commutes to his UK university from POLAND to save money.

Jonathan Davey moved to Gdansk because it’s cheaper for him to live there and fly back for lectures.

He made the decision after ­discovering that renting a room near his campus could cost him up to £220 a week.

Read the article to find out how it works in practice….


thrifty =

he toyed with the idea = he considered the idea in a way that is not serious or definite

crippling =

bohemian =

Polish migrants to strike and give blood to demonstrate importance to UK

Here’s an interesting article that you might have come across earlier this month….

Thousands of British Poles to down tools, while others will take part in mass blood donation, as part of dual protests to combat negative attitudes


The Polish community in the UK will take action on Thursday to demonstrate just how much the UK relies on them, in two contrasting ways: some Polish workers plan to down tools in a daylong strike and head to a demonstration at Westminster, while others intend to donate their blood to the NHS in a gesture laden with historic symbolism.

More than 1,000 Polish workers are set to protest outside parliament instead of going to work. Meanwhile, a Facebook page and Twitter campaign by British Poles is urging others to head to their nearest donor clinic. Using #polishblood, the donor campaign has registered 2,300 as “going”.

Of course, here at Native English we’re also considering highlighting our wonderful contribution to Poland and rather than giving blood, will be giving bloody good lessons this year….


Pool Evening – Friday 15.05.15


Just a quick reminder that there’s a Native English Pool Evening  this Friday 15th May.

Venue: Zakręcona Bila, ul. Ratajczaka

Time: 8pm-12pm (probably)


Attractions: pool, intellectual conversation with other fascinating students from Native English; some free beer……….


New library books

new school readers 22.01.15

A late Christmas present…… we’ve just got a bunch of new books for the school library. They’re mainly for lower levels (A1-B2) and all come with an mp3 to help with your listening. Our students can borrow them for as long as they need to.

There are some other new books and dvds as well.

Let Asia know which you want to borrow.


Pub Evening 24.10.14


Last Friday’s pub evening at Dylemat was certainly a good laugh and went on into the early hours.

Here’s a picture of one of the expertly carved pumpkins.

For those of you who were too busy to come, here is the pub quiz picture round: pub quiz picture round october 2014 ,  pub quiz october 2014 bearded ladies

Here’s the blindfolded guess-the-body-parts game, featuring some parówki, a boiled cauliflower ‚brain’, pasta intestines and two hard-boiled eggs…..  Congratulations to our incredibly perceptive volunteers, Olga, Agata and Adam, who can all look forward to a bright career in medicine.


The rest of the photos will be up on the site soon !

Pub Evening this Friday

Just a quick reminder of this Friday’s pub evening. We’ll be at Dylemat on Mickiewicza as usual, from 8pm as usual. There’ll be a pub quiz with a chance to win some fantastic prizes, plus various other attractions….. See you there!