proverbs from other languages

Here’s an article from today’s ‚Guardian’ newspaper. There’s a Polish one in there, too. What about these? Have you heard the original and if so, how common is it

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native speakers’ interviews

The whole website contains some interesting and often amusing insights into aspects of life in Britain and around the world…. Here’s a link to interviews with different people in London. You should also be able to find transcripts.

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poland – quizzes

Here’s a Poland quiz to test your knowledge. Type ‚Poland’ into the search and you’ll find dozens more quizzes. This Sporcle website is well worth a look. You might find yourself dragged into the vortex.

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Tekst o 10 zwrotach, które Polacy dosłownie tłumaczą na angielski wywołał ogromne poruszenie. Na naszą skrzynkę mailową trafiły dziesiątki przykładów spolszczonej angielszczyzny, których listę prezentujemy poniżej. Znalazły się na niej typowe dla rodaków “coś jest nie tak”, przerobione na „something is no...

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words you are probably getting wrong

I freely acknowledge that, in a list of this sort, “glossary” is a fancy Latin word for a collection of pet peeves (noun, 1919), meaning an annoyance or irritation. One of my peeves is that, as a noun originating in America, it had...

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my few words on brexit I don’t know about you but I’m still pretty shocked by the result of the Brexit referendum. I’ve lived in Poland more than 15 years, so I couldn’t vote but I would have voted to...

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