Mock Exam – Saturday 19th November – 10:00-14:00


This is just to remind you that we’re going to do a Mock Exam for NE students who are interested in FCE, CAE or CPE.

It’s free (of course), and as well as coffee and too many biscuits, you’ll get feedback on what you need to improve in order to pass and when you should be ready. We’ll be starting at 10:00 and doing the written parts of the exam. There’ll be a speaking exam with experienced Cambridge speaking examiners for anybody who registers for the real exam, but that exciting event for the chosen few will be on another day.

The sign-up list is in the office.

October 23rd 2016

is a small and friendly language school.

We teach our learners 
the kind of English

as it is spoken by native speakers.

Native English is a school which puts great effort into treating learners as individuals. The school was set up in 2002 as the only school in Poznań employing teachers with an international teaching qualification, primarily experienced native speakers, making Native English  unique among Poznań’s language schools.

The ethos of the school is to teach our learners the kind of English as it is spoken by native speakers by giving them the opportunity to use English in real-life contact with native speakers.

Native English teachers try to prepare lessons that are methodogically-principled, interesting  and fun.

Qualified and experienced native speakers teach all levels from Elementary (A1) up to Proficiency (C2). We also specialise in preparing candidates for Cambridge English examinations and every year we help our students achieve good marks.

Many of our teachers also work as speaking examiners
for Cambridge English (KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE, BEC, YLE).

Not only do students at Native English have contact with natural English during their lessons, they also have opportunities to their English outside class, at social evenings and through our blog.


Pool Evening – Friday 21st October at 8:00pm


Just a quick reminder that we have a Pool Evening this Friday (21st October). We’ve booked a few tables at Zakręcona Bila on Ratajczaka from 8:00pm-midnight and …

- as usual, there’ll be a chance to use your English, e.g. while arguing about the rules
- as usual, there’ll be a chance to improve your pool / learn how to play
- ..and as usual, there’ll be some free beer.

Hope to see you there!

October 19th 2016